Thursday, April 02, 2009

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

OK. There isn't anything really interesting in this post after all. I haven't updated in a while. There has been lots going on but just your old mundane stuff. Dusty is plugging away at school and selling snakes. Yes, I said SELLING them! Luckily our collection of snakes is slimming down a bit. Dusty is moving on to other things in the herpetology / conservation world. You know, because with the 40 or so he is going to keep and continue to breed will be enough to keep his hand in it ;-)

I have been plugging away with Beachbody Stuff and fitness coaching and still absolutely loving it. I have been building a website, doing ALL kinds of stuff with it. Work is busy. Home life is busy. We are trying to figure out plans and life and everything in between. If you have any ideas let me know ;-)

Dusty did get asked today to be in a reptile movie / documentary. They will interview him on film probably this summer. That was WAY cool. It will more than likely be in like film festivals and of course on DVD.

That's it for now. I know, I told you there was nothing exciting. I will promise that the next time I write will be AMAZING :-)

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Anonymous said...

He'll have to lose 60 lbs for the film.