Wednesday, April 29, 2009

7 weeks and 3 days

Today is the first day I officially woke up SICK to my stomach. It wasn't as bad as I am sure it could be so I am still grateful. I have wanted fast food like no other this past week. I get SO tired throughout the day and the thought of cooking makes me sicker :-) Maybe it's all in my head but it has sure been nice not doing dishes.

I am starting to figure out my whole insurance thing and get my head wrapped around that. Our insurance at work is very complicated and lots of people to talk to. It's much better than I thought though.

Last night I did 30 minutes of strength training and I thought I had just ran the Boston Marathon. It was hard and I was tired but it felt so good afterward. I need to keep that up.

That's all my ramblings for now. It's so hard to keep this a secret from friends. I am just doing everything that I can to make sure that things go well. I can't believe I have a baby on the way. I am so excited.

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