Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Our Dallas, Texas Trip!

Here are a few pictures from the trip. Chauntel has posted some of them too. It was great fun. I miss everyone already but I am SO thankful I was able to stay for so long. I always love going to see the kids. There is NEVER a dull moment. Jeremy and Chauntel are such great parents and I love seeing them in action :-)

This is Kayla Girl and Isaac Boy getting into dad's suitcase. Dad told them he had presents for them and they couldn't resist. I caught them in action!

This little sweet baby was really sick part of my visit but that didn't stop him from being silly and having good old time with Aunt Amy. He is just the cutest thing I have ever seen. He has such a cute sense of humor and wants to be in on the action. I love it! He is really good at playing (and saying) Hallabalou....I have NO idea how to spell that.

This is just a little sample of how we got woke up in the mornings. It was so cute to see Isaac and Makayla playing together and having so much fun like we did growing up. They would just be so silly. Every morning we would wake up to a new drawing of us. For some reason Dusty's picture always had a mustache. They thought that was so funny!

It looks like Isaac has a pretty good grip of Makayla but he was posing for a picture. He LOVED to have the camera out. He is learning to take pictures too.

This was another one of Isaac's ideas. He wanted to show me that he could do a bridge and then he told Makayla to do it with him and for me to take a picture. They did great!

I loved that I got to go to one of Makayla's swimming lessons. She did such a great job. You could really tell she was "focusing" (as she says). Like Chauntel said she has a great backstroke. She was SO excited to be in the water and to play with the other kids. I was so glad I got to go and watch.
Makayla and Isaac are regular little computer nerds. They know how to do all kinds of stuff on the computer. Makayla's favorite site is and I think that one is Isaacs's too. He likes to play the games on there. He was also on an arcade site. They are both so computer savvy and something tells me Jackson isn't too far behind...

When Chauntel, Makayla and I went to Kayla girl's swim lesson Jeremy, Isaac and Jackson went home and worked out. They all got on their sneakers and shorts and took their shoes off and dad showed them how to do push ups and crunches and they ran laps around the house. Jeremy said they actually worked really hard and that Isaac probably did 100 laps. Here Makayla is showing us a good back and "trunk" exercise. They all looked SO cute.

Jackson, Chauntel and I got to go and eat lunch with Makayla at school. She invited a friend to come over and sit with us too. She was excited to see us and it was really neat to get to see her school and see her with her friends. Jackson didn't need any friends, he was fine with acting like a puppy and crawling (with his tongue out) all around the cafeteria!

This was our other workout night. We all did Turbo Jam together. Makayla hung in there a lot longer than I thought she would. She was kicking, punching, jumping and she really worked up a sweat. Isaac waited until our video was over so he could put in my Turbo Jam 3T video in. He really impressed me. We put in the video and he followed the instructions and really enjoyed it. They are all so strong!

Makayla liked the bands too. This is Makayla in her workout ponytail. Aunt Amy fixed it for her and Chauntel and I had one too. It was such a fun night.
Jackson wore this basketball wristband the entire day. He looked SO cute and was just strutting his stuff. He LOVES to play hoops, watch hoops and dress like he's ready for hoops. Whenever he is shooting hoops he already has a perfect little jump at the release. I got to watch him play baseball too. I love his wind up.

Look at all of this art we got sent home with! Everyday there was a new drawing with our names on it. It was so sweet. The kids are so talented.

We had such a blast. Their house is gorgeous. Their gym rocks. Chauntel and I took a barbell class together and afterwards she gave me the grand tour. It is amazing. All of the kids are just growing up and it's a blast to be around them. Isaac is reading. Makayla is reading and Jackson does everything that they do. I love you guys. Thanks for making our trip such a great one!

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That was a neat little review of your trip. Probably your best blog ever.