Wednesday, March 05, 2008

NARBC Arlington, TX

For all of you who aren't "in-the-know" ;-) NARBC stands for North American Reptile Breeders Conference. That is what Dusty and I went to last week. In a last minute decision we decided to go out to the show. However, it wasn't just any show, Dusty had a table up selling
pre-orders for his book and he gave his first national presentation. He did a fantastic job! He even got more requests for him to come out and speak at other conventions. I was so proud to be there with him. He had a lot of people there wanting to speak with him and he got to do a lot of networking and met people he has been wanting to meet. It was a successful show. It was a lot of fun! Best of all we got to stay with Jeremy and Chauntel the kiddos. Even better than that I got to stay a lot longer. It was great fun! Thanks Jeremy and Chauntel for helping us make it to the show and giving us a place to stay....and lots of entertainment.

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