Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Callings

So I have talked to a few of you about my new calling last week. I am a Relief Society Teacher. I teach the forth week of every month. I give a lesson on the conference talks. I have never taught a lesson in Church before, so I am a little nervous, but I know this will help me build the confidence I have been lacking lately.

Tonight on the way home from my workout the Bishop called me at 9:15 pm asking me to come right in and see him again. I got another calling: Young Women Advisor. :-) I don't even know what they do, but I will find out tomorrow night when I go to my first meeting.

As of right now my callings are:
  • Ward Activities Chairman
  • Visiting Teacher
  • Visitng Teacher Supervisor
  • Relief Society Teacher
  • Young Women Advisor
Whew! The Bishop told me that Dusty and I will be released from the Ward Activities in a few weeks. I think these callings are a real blessing to me right now. I have been needing something. There has been a void. I am grateful for these callings and can already feel my heart turning toward the Lord more.

I am grateful also to be a memeber of this Church. I am grateful for being born into my family and having such outstanding examples of service, love and sacrifice from my parents and syblings. I am just grateful tonight!

I will let you know how my first lesson goes :-) I teach on Easter Sunday....


Angela said...

Holy hannah that is a lot of callings. Do you know which class you're an adviser for? Growing up the advisors only taught on Sunday. In my ward now we actually teach, go to all the activities and are basically part of the presidency. So it will conflict with the RS calling. Good luck!

Amy Sue said...

Yeah I know. The Bishop just told me that every 4th Sunday I would just go and teach and then we would just work around that!

Chauntel said...

Wow!!! That's crazy. You'd think in Utah there'd be less need for you to step up so much. I'm sure it's just them wanting to use all your incredible talents. You go girl. Good Luck.