Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Well! Here I am! :) We have gotten back from a trip to Kentucky that was so fun and relaxing!!! We had a blast and loved every second of it. I will post some pictures soon. We went to Bernheim Forest, the Louisville Zoo, Gattis with everybody, spent the night at Lissa's, went out to eat...a lot!! (Rally's twice in one day....barf!! I felt so fat but DANG it was good!!). We went crusin with Momma Starr a lot while she rocked out to her Rockafeller Skank song (her new favorite)....we did all kinds of stuff and laughed a ton!! I love getting together with family. All we do is laugh (at each other :)

I can't believe how big by nephews are getting and that Eli can already walk/run at 9 months!! Blake showed us his tractor tippin' technique and Evan is just doing new stuff everyday! I can't get over how much he has grown since the last time I saw him. He and Blake both! I have some really cute pics of them and can't wait to share. I also have a picture of Mike that he didn't know that I took...stay'll know it when you see me! Gosh I love my family!! I miss them so much.

The very next morning after we got home from KY Dusty flew out to CA to go to a reptile convention to network and visit the largest reptile show in the USA. He had dinner with Nigel Marvin from The Animal Planet :) and lots of other cool stuff. His book is coming to a close. Just last minute updates, picture changes, etc. We won't make the deadline of having it done in October but it will be out soon enough. We are all way excited to see it.

Dad's surgery went as planned. Yay!! I haven't got to talk to him yet but Lissa is keeping me informed. We all sure do wish you a speedy recovery dad!!

Jeremy is flying in tomorrow for a short visit for work but he will spend the night at our place tomorrow and then we will all have dinner at Roundy's place. I love the Roundy's and it's so much fun to hang out with them and Jeremy there is a big bonus! Last time Jeremy came out we all went to Roundy's and Dusty, Rob and Jeremy all jammed out on guitars. It was so fun. Maybe we can teach Jeremy a new song for Makayla ;)

Things have been so fast paced since we have been home. Dusty's now in school and looking for a part-time job. There are a lot of Church activities that have been going on and then Dusty and I are in charge of Ward activities and we have one of those next Saturday. etc. etc. etc. It was so nice to have that break at mom and dad's house before our schedule's picked up!

Last night I did some more freelance photography for someone's family pictures. I brought a friend who has a photography business and she came to help give me pointers and stuff. She wants to train me as her Jr. photographer so that she can take me with her on jobs to help out while I learn. I think that will be great. I will post some of those pictures soon. I will get a CD of them this weekend.

That's all I can think of right now to update everyone on. My thyroid has been giving me problems as of late. I am getting tired WAY to easy lately. I am trying to combat that by working out more. It was hard to get back into the groove of working out after a vacation but I have to do it!

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Angela said...

I'm so excited for Dusty and glad you're finally updating! Your fabulous!