Wednesday, September 19, 2007


So there have been people at work telling me of this amazing contraption called Cocomotion. It's a machine that makes hot chocolate perfect every time. They say it's foolproof. It's not too hot nor too cold. It's not too chocolaty but just right and full of flavor--EVERY TIME! Especially here in Utah we make a lot of hot chocolate in the winter and I am thinking this might have to be a new addition.

I know I just made a plea for help about eating too much chocolate, but drinking it can't be that bad... :)


Angela said...

My friend Amy has this and had to buy more mugs b/c she uses it so much. I guess she could wash them more often but she's "busy". Anyway It is really great. THere are knockoffs that I can't vouch for but its good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to get me one of these too!! I loooove hot chocolate.