Saturday, June 24, 2006

My Prima Ballerina!!

I stole this from Chauntel's blog, but I had to put this picture up at least and thought her post was so cute, I wanted to share.....

"Last Wednesday was Makayla's first dance class. She had such a good time and can't wait for next Wednesday. However the night before dance class, she started to complain about her stomach aching. The next morning she woke up at her normal time but than complained about her tummy and went back to bed for and hour. I made her go to the gym and than swimming but when we got home she complained about her tummy again so she took and nap (which she doesn't do anymore) She slept about and hour and than wanted to to lay down with her and hold her and she slept another hour. She didn't have a fever, diarhea, runny nose and she hadn't thrown up. About an hour before dance she got up we got her ready (she won't eat dinner) She went to dance and than she was fine. We truly believe she was so nervous, worried, and excited that she made herself sick. That is Makayla. She wants to do things and have fun but she so scared to do new things and worries so much. Hence being scared of swings, bugs, cats, dogs, and the dark. (She loves to swing now that she's older.)"

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Anonymous said...

Grammy's beautiful ballerina! You are certainly destined for greatness. With your parents, you will be able to accomplish everything and all that Heavenly Father has in store for you, my BIG girl. Love you, Grammy