Saturday, June 24, 2006

A little piece of family history

OK. I have had genealogy on the brain a lot lately mostly because that's the industry of my job. But we have been talking in church, at the conference in Chicago and at work about the best place to start with your family history is with living relatives, especially older relatives. So, I thought it was great timing to call my grandma, Grandma Logsdon. I hadn't spoken to her in like 1-1/12 years and it was her birthday, so what the heck!

I NEVER thought that she and I were alike at all until this last conversation. She was cracking me up, she was so funny and just has a random sense of things are starting to come together on why my family is the way it is! She has always been so hard with her emotions and just seems like she has had a hard life but in this conversation she sort of opened up and said some things to me that she has never said (even told me that she was proud of me and that she loved me--with out me even saying it first!!!!) AND she was being really encourageable and sweet, which is something I haven't heard from her all my life!

So, in honor of this occasion I jotted down some bits of our conversation. I thought some of you might be interested in hearing. I would say that these are in random order, but our entire conversation was random---so they are probably in the order that she said them!

- One of her popular phrases when she didn't understand something, "What in the name of sense is that?"

- She remembered dad sneaking a smoke in the bathroom when he was just a little boy..... A LOT

- Blake is so adorable

- Dad, brace yourself for this one.... "AMY SUE was the hardest worker out in the yard" when we used to go do her yard!! "Amy, you were always workin' the hardest trying to keep up with your daddy"....I just remember jumping off her porch into the leaves, but hey if she says so...

- I remember Michael sittin on the swing just staring off trying to avoid working but he did do the entire backyard by himself when he got older...

- We talked about family history but really they ONLY thing that she wants to know is, "Amy, just find out who in my family married an Indian before I die. My Aunt Annie told me that there is an Indian in our family and I wanna know who in the heck married her."

- She quit smoking for good and it makes her sick to smell other people smoking.

- She remembers Jeremy always having a "big mouth on him" just like someone in our family named, Arnold Lee ( I need to find out who he is...)

- Jason was the best babysitter. He was always so helpful and she remembers one time when Michael puked all down her back and Jason cleaned her up.

- Michael was a little piggy. He just ate and ate; he never wanted to stop.

- When Melissa was little she was nice up until 10 p.m. After that she was as mean as all get out. Nobody could do nuttin' with her. She just wanted to go to bed.

- Jason bought grandma a crochet book a long time ago and she is still waiting to get it from him! (I bold that because she talked about this a few times!)

- I hear Evan looks just like Nathan, does he have dimples?

- You and Melissa always had nice, shiny, pretty hair just like dem' magazines. Do you and Melissa still have your hair long? You better had cause you look like dem' magazines.

- Melissa, did you leave your rose bushes at your old place? I told grandma that you had moved but you had gorgeous rose bushes at your old place. She had assumed that you had taken them with you and I told her that I didn't think that you had. She went was funny.
"You mean to tell me that GOOFUS didn't take them with her? If they still own the place they can go back and dig them up. It won't take Nathan but a few minutes to go back and dig them up and then just a few minutes to put them in their new yard. I don't know what they are thinking. It won't hurt Nathan to go dig them up, why aren't they digging them up. She's a goofus if she's not gonna go get them."

Grandma is passionate about gardening, can't you tell? She told me afterwards that she had some weird / superstitious / spiritual experience with a dead relative that makes her LOVE rose bushes....

- When Jeremy put his chin through the front door and blood was everywhere Jason was outside "huggin a post he was so scared."


The last time that Aunt Linda took her to the doctor she pictured her doctor wearing a turban and a skirt, riding a camel in the hot sun!!!!!

Comments, please...
Do you want to post a memorable experience you had with Grandma or another relative? She said a lot more stuff, we talked for over 2 hours but this post was just a few of her funny comments. There are some things that she said that probably aren't appropriate to post!

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