Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sicky Wicky

Long time no blog I know. I have been sick (or as my sister and I would say, "sicky wicky". I don't know what I had but I have been knocked out for about three days and not I am back in full swing...at least my appetite is but that's not new. I hadn't eaten in like three days and I was driving past a Burger King and it actually sounded good so I got two cheeseburgers and ate them like they were going out of style. I didn't even get sick (until later that night).

Anyway, I am not sick anymore and Dusty hasn't gotten sick yet. Everybody keep your fingers crossed because he has a final this week and it would really suck for him to get sick. And for the record he did a WONDERFUL job taking care of me and doing everything for me that I can imagine when I was sick and didn't even complain that much. Just Kidding. He didn't complain at all and he helped me so much! But now I am not sick anymore and things are back to normal. I really could have used to getting pampered all of the time...

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