Tuesday, December 13, 2005

(: For Posterity's Sake :)

This is in no way of me boasting..., BUT I feel the need to put this little link on my blog for posterity's sake. I Googled my name today checking for something and I found a link from The University of Houston educational system that gave shout outs to students who won awards from each school and, yes, my name was listed. He is the link http://www.uh.edu/admin/media/uhssuccess/2005nov/. I have to add this so when my children tell me that I an stupid and I don't know anything I can have them click on this and see that I was a 'Success Story'. (I actually found another award I won from UofL under my maiden name that I forgot all about too.) And I was told that my name is going to be mentioned in a magazine in January or April for another school achievement I had...Cool Huh?

Too bad there is not an article that says how I graduated with a 3.9, Magna cum laude, won the 2005 University of Houston Student of the Year Award, a couple of journalism awards, interviewed the Ambassador of Iran, got inducted into some honor societies etcetcetc...Man the list could go on!:) It sucks that none of that matters in the "real world". Just kidding I loved school and I loved my degree and I sometimes want to go back to school. I love the job I have now and see nothing but opportunity for me. Although, I am REALLY excited to get to the point to have a dozen little bebe kids running around my house. :) And NO I am not making an announcement although I thought I was going to need to make an announcement this past weekend when I was sick.

Speaking of school...again, I urge you all to keep your fingers crossed for Dusty when he takes his final this Friday. Thanks!

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