Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mr. Cuteness Comin' Through....

Colton loved snuggling with Aunt Lissa. Of course her belly helped him throw himself over and get comfy :-P

Serisouly Melissa, like every picture of us is on that couch....

Colton and uncle Mike getting some one-on-one time in

Melissa getting practice for #2

Colton can read Evan's mind.....he is plotting for when Addison gets here.....

Lovin' the TV

Utah's funny joke of April Showers. Glad I was enjoying beautiful weather in KY

snugglin' with dad

"...if u like it then u should'a put a diper on it. Oh oh oh!!" All the single babies!!

after Church play time

He outgrew that outfit overnight!

I had the opportunity to take a work trip for a new job that I started and it just happened to be in Louisville, KY so I got to take Mr. Little Britches with me. I didn't have a chance to meet up with friends and not even all of my family, but I will be coming back in July / August so hopefully it will be a longer trip and everyone can meet Colton.
These pics are from home and KY. Charla, can you send me some pics you took with your camera? When I was over at your house I didn't have mine...
Colton is doing new things all of the time it's hard for me to keep up. I ALMOST forgive my mother for not making me a baby book.... :-) There is just too much to keep up with!! He just talks all of the time and he has come to be a snuggle bunny especially when he wakes up from naps. He discovered his toes and is always reaching for them. He also loves to laugh!! He is taking baths in the big bathtub with a towel laid out for him (we started this at Grammy's out of necessity) but he LOVES it. He just splashes and gets his hands wet and sucks away furiously! Oh yeah, he is SO CLOSE to rolling over from his back to his tummy. He reaches and grabs and pulls and strains. He is so strong!! He has the other rolling over down pat.
I swear he is trying to crawl too. I tried to get it on video but he stopped really doing it. He raises on his knees, reaches, wiggles, pushes. He'll turn on his tummy 90 degrees in just a few seconds if he sees a toy he wants. I hope he is not an early crawler/walker just yet....if I think it's hard now, I should just wait, right Charla?! I am not ready to keep up with that; but I don't think I have much say in the matter.
He is just such a joy to have in my life. He brings smiles and tears (good ones :-) and just rolls with his day with such spirit and zest. I love him so much and it just grows and grows. I am so blessed to be a mommy of such a wonderful, and handsome, little guy.


Angela said...

That bare bum is even cuter b/c he's got a shirt and socks on. Cute kid!!!!

Marianne & Clayton said...

Such a cutie! And you are looking amazing! Can I have an ounce of your discipline?

Anonymous said...

Amy I will get pics up for ya. Is is such a cute baby. Hope you all are doing well. Glad to see you are coming home this summer.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED snuggling with little Colton. He really did love my belly. He'd just prop himself up on it and hang out. But I'll never forget Tumbleweed. I have never seen a little one stay as still as he did. I swear I think he knew it was the last time he'd see me for a while. I loved every second of it!!

I miss him so much already! And of course you too. :-)


Aunt Melissa

Dusty and Amy said...

I am no fool. It's all about Colton and I am OK with that. :-) Pretty soon it will be all about Addi!