Thursday, April 22, 2010

...more where that last one came from...

They were snuggle buddies that GORGEOUS day we cooked out!
Colton LOVES his Grammy...but who doesn't?!

He did NOT want to take a nap that day, he was so into the action and checking everythingout. You can see Grandad winning that battle momentarily though.

Over at Aunt Lissa and Uncle Nunu's for a cookout on his tiny grill.

Colton kept making this face in the car as he was fighting taking a nap.

Looking up at his Grammy.

Grandad and Colton's favorite spot.

Mike really does turn into a teddy bear with kids. I love it!

Evan is puttin' on a show!

AuntE Linda and Mr. C

He was winding down for bed and I remember thinking how beautiful his eyes and skin were to me.

Grandad says burp and Colton says NO.

Snugglin' with Aunt Lissa. He loved that!

Colton would talk to Uncle Jason a lot. Jason would say something and Colton would answer back like 95% of the time. It was awesome.

Grammy just getting done making Colton laugh. It wasn't 60 seconds in the airport and Grammy had him laughing already!

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