Tuesday, April 27, 2010

...more where that last one came from...part deux

This was the last night at Tumbleweed. Colton just melted into Aunt Lissa's arms for the ENTIRE night. She was loving every second of it. They just snuggled so much!
hahahahahaha this was the picture that made us laugh like idiots all night. Hugh Daddy is always a good sport :-)

Lissa gave up Colton for a minute so Uncle Nunu could get some lovin' in.

Me and my buddie Evan

Melissa just eatin' it up. No, not her 16 Chimichanga's she ordered....snuggles. :-)

Grandad said that he wanted as much snuggle time as possible so Colton took a nap there on his tummy.

Aunt Lola and King of Cute

playin with Tad

Colton LOVED Kim. She got to hold him lots!

Nothing personal, Kim. He was just hungry and tired...

Evan and Blakey resting after long rounds of eater gun fights.

We have all seen that smile....it's never good thing!!

Nate and his tiny gril...

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Marianne & Clayton said...

Colton has the cutest little mouth. It's just perfect. And he is getting so nice and chubby, I love it!