Sunday, July 05, 2009

6 Years and 17 Weeks

Thank goodness I haven't been pregnant that long!!! Today is our 6th year anniversary and I am 17 weeks today!

We were able to have a very productive weekend with beautiful weather. We didn't really do anything for our anniversary because we are planning a vacation at the end of the summer. We are kind of rolling our birthdays, anniversary and Dusty's graduation into a "Babymoon" trip. We want a big hoorah before the baby comes. We don't every really take vacations or trips so what the heck :-)

I have my doctor's appointment on Tuesday and it can't come soon enough. EVERYONE cross your fingers to see if we can find out what sex the baby is!! I can't take it I am so excited. I really hope things work out so we can know. I have also still been experiencing excruciating tailbone pain. The other night I was almost crawling on my hands and knees just to get to the bathroom. Dusty had to help every step of the way while I cried and tried not to pee my pants. It's ridiculous and it's like that everyday. I hope the doctor can help me find relief somehow. Dusty is a great helper. He brings me everything right when I ask for it. He knows how much I hurt but there's not much he can do for the pain.

If it weren't for my tailbone pain and tension headaches I would be feeling fabulous! All my other symptoms only rear their ugly head every so often but I honestly think I would rather puke 5 times a day than to have this tailbone pain.

So the baby is 5 inches and supposedly 5 ounces. I get emails from Baby Center each week and I look forward to them every single Sunday. I love to read about the baby's development and see how big the baby is. Today it graduated to the size of a turnip. :-) If it's only the size of a turnip, why oh why do I look and feel like I swallowed a barrel of couldn't be because I ate almost a whole bag of Doritos by myself could it?....nah!!!


Angela said...

You are beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

I understand your pain. I had trouble with my tailbone after I had Eli. It was very painful to sit and stand. It eventually went away. I am now recovering from a herniated disc. Don't know if you have ever been to the chiropractor, but I am a firm believer in them now. I hope you get some relief soon. I am excited to know the sex. Even though I know it is a girl.

Love ya,

Chauntel said...

Holy Cow why haven't I been on your blog in so long. You are such an adorable pregnant lady. cute baby bump. Keep the pictures coming. What a great idea to go on a little last fling before the baby comes. I love you and can't wait to see you and the baby.