Sunday, July 19, 2009

19 Weeks!

Wow. I can't believe I am 19 weeks today and almost at the halfway mark. I definitely feel like I/we went through a growth spurt this week. I am growing out of clothes and am feeling a little better overall which makes me HAPPY!! I finally got to take a nap today which also made me happy!! I don't really get to nap much and today it caught up with me. I actually made dinner a few times this week to which is a major improvement so I am sure that made Dusty happy :-)

It's funny how when you are pregnant conversation really does turn into the baby and how I am feeling from EVERYONE. It's fun though. Even though I haven't really enjoyed all aspects of pregnancy I am sure I will miss little things about it. One of the young women asked me if I was pregnant today at church and I told her no and I just looked at her face because her hand was already on my tummy....she didn't know what to do!! HAHA I told her I was kidding right away and they all gave me hugs and were rubbing my tummy. I love to see young girls so intrigued by pregnancy. I remember being like that and being so excited for whoever it was that was pregnant. Little babies are just so sweet and pure and precious they just get everyone excited!

Still counting down till the 30th for the big ultrasound. I think time is finally feeling like it will pass quickly. I get a 3 day weekend this week and last week flew by. According to my BabyCenter email the baby is the size of a large heirloom tomatoe today :-) around 8.5 ounces and 6 inches. I have had a few funny things happen that aren't really blogging material (trust me some of you will thank me for not sharing!) but whenever I chat with my girlfriends I might share a few stories. What is pregnancy without a few laughs?!


Angela said...

Thanks for posting about how things are going and the weekly pictures. You are a gem and I love you and am so happy for you!

rana said...

ya look great!!!! i just got back from girls camp and hubby took off to florida for three days...have ta tackle the houseworks...