Saturday, August 23, 2008

My first post here guys...

Since Amy and I recently rechristened her old blog as our new blog, it's now the Amy and Dusty Show, so I need to get postin' on here! ...Or go postal...or of the two. :-)

Recently, Amy and I have been making an effort to take one of our Sunday School Teacher's advice to heart, and so we've started trying to date on weekends, where each weekend we take turns picking what we want to do. The rule is that at least one of us (the person whose turn it is to pick) has to really like what they're doing, and so neither of us have told each other what we're going to do until right when the time arrives...because we don't want the other person to dread the rest of the week. :-)

We paper-rock-scissored for the first go-round, and I won, and so naturally, I picked something with animals. We headed for the Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake, but on our way there we heard on the radio that it was "Ice Day" at the Hogle Zoo, so we went there instead. They brought out blocks of ice -- some filled with fruit -- for the animals to play with, lick, suck on, etc.

Here's an orangutan doing just that.

And here's my shout out to the Logsdon boys...a monkey giving his buddy a (for lack of a better term) proctology exam. Thought Jason, Jeremy, and Michael (and Nathan) could appreciate that. :-)

I've always enjoyed bird shows. When my family and I went to Sea World growing up, the bird show they had there was my favorite part of the entire day. While the rest of my family went to watch a ski show with stunt people from Baywatch, I went and watched the bird show again. They've trained these birds to do all sorts of tricks and fly over your head, inches away from touching you -- huge birds too, like Greater Horned Owls (think Harry Potter) and a variety of eagles and condors.

They had this going on at the Hogle Zoo. We got a kick out of it. Amy freaked out when a flock of white doves flew over her head (even after the showman told everyone to be still).

This hilarious Cockatoo was taking wildlife conservation donations after the show and dropping them in the slot.

Overall, it was a good visit, and Amy even bought herself some zoo paraphernalia before we left.

And so next week it was Amy's turn to pick our date. Nothing could have helped me guess her idea -- face painting. I have to admit it was kinda fun. She picked an idea for my face out of a book that she checked out from the library...

her book...

and the end result.

Then I went to work on Amy...I used my own imagination and decided to make a checkerboard out of Amy's was cool. As I went through the photos, I just busted out laughing because you can see all the sides that Amy has to her personality. So, here we go...

First, the serious Amy.

The cute Amy.

The sad Amy.

The scary Amy.

The poser Amy.

The crazy, psychotic Amy.

The sleepy, tired Amy.

And finally...

The joker Amy.

Ya know, it's funny...Amy wasn't consciously trying to make all of those random faces...her "little person" just kind of came out in the photos. It was a lot of fun...she didn't even know what I was painting on her face until I showed her at the end. Same with me. I told her that her face was paybacks for kicking my trash at a game I taught her how to play (i.e. checkers).

More soon!


Angela said...

Hey Dusty, good to hear from you. That looks like wicked fun. I can't believe how completely you painted each others faces.

Melissa said...

I think the face painting was pretty cool. I do think, however, that Amy looks a little psycho in her pictures. :-) I'm just keepin it real. j/k all that matters is that you had fun and it was something different.

Love you.

Dusty and Amy said...

um... I agree that I look PSYCHO! I didn't know he was gonna post all of those. HA That's what you get when you share a blog...I know you know that from experience with Nathan's posts!

Dusty Rhoads said...

Thanks for helping me keep Amy under control, Melissa. ;-)

Anonymous said...

One time I got Mom's eye shadow pallet (or whatever it is that has like 20 colors on it) and went downstairs and started doing streaks on Mike's face while he was asleep. After about the 20th streak and him already looking like an Indian, he woke up right as I was over his face. I said,"oh man, I almost got you." He then went upstairs and was walking around until Mom said, "Michael, what is all over your face?" He then got real mad. It was really funny.
I liked bird shows when I was a kid too. I would wait in the woods until they would fly over, then I'd shoot them.

Anonymous said...

Who is the transvestite in the second picture. The one right below the lady in the book?


Pikes Pickles said...

You weren't kidding. LOL, I love it !