Friday, August 15, 2008

A little OCD I guess

I can probably think of 20 things that I do the same way every single time. I just noticed this little trait of mine. Not really though. I have noticed it before but I realized how much like DAD I am.

For instance my dad will fold his trash at like a fast food restaurant. At Subway he will fold his sandwich paper and straw wrapper (very precisely) and place it into his empty chip bag and then fold that chip bag with the papers in it and place it neatly into his drink cup and throw it away. It drives him nuts when we don't and sometimes he even folds mine ours too!

I have another friend whom I think can relate. Her name starts with an "A" and ends with "ngela". HA HA HA

OK Here is a brief list of my OCD behaviors and I want to know a few of your because I KNOW you have some.
  • Always put in and take out my right contact in first
  • Brush my teeth in little circles starting on the right upper / outter side and work my way across then come back on the left side doing the same, then the surface teeth, then the back.
  • Always use warm water when I brush my teeth
  • Right shoe goes on first
  • Right earing goes in first...
*As a side note, even if I have the left shoe, earing or contact handy, I ALWAYS do the right first. Have NO idea why.
  • BUT, I shave my left leg first!
  • Like mom, I tend to favor even numbers. My mom goes to the point where it drives her NUTS if the volume on the TV is on an odd number--or anything with an odd number for that matter
  • I pretty much HAVE to have socks on when I sleep or am just around the house
I can think of lots more and I am sure my husband and my family can give you 10 times as much. As I think on all my quirkiness I am reminded that it's just the way I am and I am happy to be me. This poem says it best.

Me I Am !

I am the only Me I Am
Who qualifies as me,
no Me I AM has been before,
and none will ever be
No other Me I Am can feel
the feelings I' ve within,
no other Me I Am can fit
precisely in my skin
There is no other Me I Am
who thinks the thoughts I do,
the world contains one Me I Am
this earth shall ever see,
that Me I Am I always am
is no one else but Me!

by Jack Prelutsky


Melissa said...

You need to add that one with the mascara thing. You have to take the mascara wand and go back and forth with it so many times before you use it. WEIRD. :-) But i still love you. HA


Dusty Rhoads said...

One eat around the outer edges of a cheeseburger or a slice of pizza the way a caterpillar chews around the outer edges of a leaf. This is so you can save the beefiest, cheesiest, and sauciest section for the last bite.

Sauce...that's another thing...the phrase "It's a Little Dry" has become a like a registered trademark of Amy Rhoads Inc. LOL Anytime we go out to eat, Amy orders extra portion cups that are chalk full-to-the-brim with either barbeque sauce, ketchup, mustard, ranch, honey mustard, you name it. And she doesn't just dribble it on her sandwich either...She pours the whole entire portion cup(s) onto her sandwich. When she hoists her sandwich up into the air for the first bite, HUGE drops of sauce splash onto her plate. I think we could turn some of those plates in as modern art. :-)

Oh yeah...maybe you already said this...the toes/suture line of your socks have to be perfectly aligned. Didn't you kick your mom for getting it wrong when you were little once? Haha