Sunday, January 07, 2007

Texas Trip

Well, we just got back from Texas and I think I need another vacation!! It was full of adventures. Dusty's sister Sunny got married and there was lots of stuff to help do for that and Makayla and Isaac got to spend three nights and four days with us. I think I have a title for a new Children's book...Isaac! That's it, just Isaac!! He is full of...hmmmmmm...what shall I say....spunk! Dusty and I both learned a lot!!!! I felt like the worst aunt in the world becuase I gave him a spanking. However, that is for another post all of its own :) We played hard though. We did lots of stuff together. It was nice to travel back to Texas and it was enlightening too. I do miss the kiddos and Dusty's family but Dusty and I know that we need to be here in Utah. We love it here and have grown so much in every possible way.

Anyway, here are just a few pics. I got so busy that I didn't really take many pictures. Or was it the fact that Dusty took over 100 pictures at the zoo of snakes and wouldn't let me erase them.... ;) At any rate here they are.


Amy Sue said...

I wanted to add that we couldn't get Isaac to really eat so he took a tortilla and poured cheese in it, placed tortilla chips in it, added more cheese and rolled it up and ate the entire thing real quick!

Angela Stone said...

Lol! Ok so seriously when I clicked on your blog tonight I had decided that if I had to look at that stupid picture of the kid taped to the wall again instead of seeing a real and new post I was going to scream and leave all kinds of nasty comments on your blog and then you go and wisk me a way with tales of're grand! I'm glad you guys have fun. TX is great to visit but its always nice to have confirmation that you are still in the right place.