Sunday, January 21, 2007

Freakin Book Readin and Birdwatchers

So, I used to make fun of people that were involved in "Book Clubs". I never really saw the point. I never used to really read a whole lot...until now. I am constantly reading. I think my reading obsession started on the drive to Utah from Texas. I was reading the Harry Potter series and I think I read two books in the drive. I didn't realize that I had picked up a new habit though. (Although it's good that I picked up a good habit...people are driven to madness while taking the "scenic" (ahem...long) route to Utah in a 27 foot truck pulling a trailer while holding a box of about 14 snakes in your lap...need I go on?);)

It has been said that I was a little over the top (a.k.a. reading Harry Potter books until 4 or 5 in the morning in bed with a flashlight under the covers...did I just admit that?) Then I went on to books like Becoming Women of Strength, The Peacegiver, Bonds that Make us Free, Richest Man in Babylon etc. etc. etc. My book list that I have read is the longest in my life.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Because I am reading all of the time and I love it. AND because my neighbor and I broke down and started a book club for women and I love it. We haven't even met yet but we are all reading the book and have a blog set up and it is just really fun. I can't ask for more than friends who really help you be a better person. We are just going to meet once a month for a Saturday brunch and then decide the next book to read and then keep up the blog with our thoughts and comments. I am really loving it and I never thought I would!!!

OK, so what does birdwatchers have to do with any of this? Dusty is in a ornithology class (Bird class for you people who need lamen terms ;) He LOVES it. His teacher is off the chain random and funny and keeps Dusty entertained. He loaded everyone in a van and took them to a Home Depot parking lot to look at birds. He also took everyone to his house to birdwatch. Dusty and I used to make fun of people that birdwatched too. I think mostly because we saw this guy in the Mojave Desert that was ALL DECKED OUT in camouflage, a freaking 100x zoom camera with a HUGE lens on it, big binoculars and I can't even remember what else. So that picture sort of sticks in my mind about birdwatching.

Well, Dusty really likes birdwatching and when I was doing dishes the other day he broke out his binoculars he checked out from school and had his bird book out teaching me what birds were in our backyard. I didn't mind it so much myself either. I don't proclaim to be a birdwatcher...yet!

I guess Utah really does something to people! I don't care. We like it here. We have met so many neat people and have some of the best friends I have ever had. (Besides you Ange, we all know that) It is a great thing to try new things and like those things you try!

I have a link to our book club and you can join in if you want even if you are far away. You can read along with us and I can add you to the blog and you can share your thoughts too. We are focusing on books that will strengthen our families and women as individuals. Please give us any book suggestions you may have too. Click on the link on the top hand page to the Provo Book Nook if you want to join in or see what we are reading.


Anonymous said...

I like reading Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess. Have you heard of it? It gives me a great deal of inspiration. Alot of times when I'm bored or depressed I'll open up that book and read it like nobodies business, and before I know it I'm in a distant far away land (like the dinosaur era). Keep up the reading! Who knows I might even join you book club!


Amy Sue said...

Chris!! That is a great book recommend. I actually love it. It teaches you a lot more once you study it out and read between the lines. The book club is really for women but I will try and share my notes with you at work and tell you what books we are reading.

I am so glad you are still reading my blog all the way up in Montana. I am sorry your grandmother died. I hope to see you at work on Monday :)

Anonymous said...

Grandma was a great gal, too bad gramps forgot to put the car in park and pinned her up against the garage wall. Maybe I'll read the book "A Catcher in the Rye", or better yet how about some Anne Frank? I always like getting in the attic and writting a journal or maybe a poem, anything to get through this...


p.s. Grandpa is facing manslaughter charges but his attorney says they may drop them by next week.

Angela Stone said...

Reed's Grandpa is the president of the Provo birdwatchers group. Kinda cool I guess. My grandpa loved it too.