Saturday, October 28, 2006

OK, so we may be on to something...

Dusty is doing great this year with his snakes. As many of you know he sold out of his snakes before they even hatched. (Only 3 of 17 have hatched so far.) We did no advertising, he is just keeping his blog, built a Web site and is a part of a forum. Anyway. We still have people emailing and calling daily asking if we have any left. Sadly (but gladly) we don't, but it is great to see Dusty's hard work (and mine ;) really see some results (and $!). He is the only person that we know of that produced this type of snake and people are calling looking for the "Trans Pecos Rat Snake Guy" to buy more. We think this will be a really successful year and next year we will have even more to sell and the price of the animals he is selling will raise due to the demand and rarity. Anyway, I see a lot more clearly his vision with this and I am glad he as the opportunity to do it. I really think that one day (maybe even in the next 5 years) he will be the pioneer with this species of snake, get his book published and have a lot more in store! Congrats to Dusty!

If you ever want to go to his Web site, it's at and his blog is

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Angela Stone said...

Amy, you seriously have no idea how happy I am for you (and him)! This is wonderful!