Monday, October 30, 2006

Get Up Big J-Dawg!!

Subject: What it is all about


It is with great pleasure and honor that I announce that Jason Logsdon has been nominated as a “Faculty Favorite” at the University of Louisville. This is incredibly significant recognition, as it is voted by the student body of U of L and is a direct reflection of Jason’s dedication and commitment to them and to their learning. Over 320 faculty members received nomination and Jason was one of the top 13 nominees and will be honored at a dinner hosted by the University Provost. Jason’s hard work goes beyond working with students on their coursework, it extends to developing personal relationships with students and becoming someone they rely on for more than help with their academic endeavors. Our IT Learning Managers are rarely seen, as they work remotely on each campus, but recognition like this is a reminder of the great work they do and their immense impact on students. Congratulations to Jason on this wonderful accomplishment.

Roderick Harding

Director, Adult Learning Center Programs

Deltak edu, Inc.