Thursday, April 13, 2006

Latest Addition to our Collection


Angela Stone said...

You did not let your husband buy that did you?

Ah! Eww!!! How can you live with that? I'm normally pretty cool with this whole snake thing because it is not my house but man this just goes too far!


Chauntel said...

Is this really your snake and where do you keep it?

Anonymous said...

Yeah Chauntel this is their snake. Hey Dusty show her your Polar Bear that you guys keep in the backyard too.

Amy Sue said...

Man, we are going to have to figure out a better solution to keep this snake...our snake just ate our polar bear!!!! That sucks cause we just paid a lot of money for that thing!

I am glad to see someone with some common sense...I never thought I would say it, but Jeremy was the one who had it!!

You guys are freaking awesome! Like we would EVER keep a snake like that in our house. I found this picture and figured I would post it to see if anyone would buy it. I didn't think they would.

Thanks for the laugh!

Melissa said...

Just for the record, Charla thought it was yours too. I am way too smart for that. haha - I had gotten an email about the Australian sheep farmer who found it. So I already knew you were a liar, you got caught in a lie. :-)

Melissa said...

Plus I think the snake is dead anyway.

Anonymous said...

yeah until reading what everyone else wrote....sooo thought that was your snake! You would'a had me! but then again, this is Kelli you're talking about :)
~ Kelli~