Monday, November 29, 2010

Colton at 11 months!

Getting ready for his dare devil slide stunts!!
Got in my purse for a cold one :-)
watched the entire A Christmas Carol
...have more pictures of Colton watching TV than anything else. I think I am just amazed that he will sit still and I have to just capture it!
discovered Sprout TV and LOVED it
real men have fake tattoos and band-aids
in TX he slept with his arms like this a lot. must have liked your room Aunt Candy
totally bit me hard - you can see all 6 teeth here...
now that's just cute!
LOVES letters and sounds
playing in puddles
looks like such a grown up stud here
TOTALLY veggin' here w/ mom
TV face - classic!
this didn't even get all of his bruises. he had like 11 at one time. he is in to EVERYTHING he can. can't look away for a second!
mom and Colton at Ole Miss tailgating - way fun!
Colton and Dusty at the Biology tent - those bio nerds know how to really they do. it's awesome!
Colton and Daddy
...and he's off
exploring, what else?
loves when daddy makes smoothies
now he looks like he had a full day!
In just a few weeks Colton will be one. WOW is all I have to say. I am learning things everyday that push me to grow, love, cherish and prioritize...really prioritize; and I work on that everyday.
We just got back from Texas spending Thanksgiving with Dusty's family. We had a lot of fun and Colton didn't disappoint showing off :-) He was teething during the trip and it has finally popped through so he has 7 teeth now. 4 on top, 3 on bottom. And he knows how to use them too :-) He still bites me all of the time. He doesn't really bite many other people, oh and he has taken to chewing on girls hair. AND he got his first band-aid moment in Texas and fell and scratched his knee pretty bad - I felt like a real mom.
Some words he can say off and on are mama (sometimes mimi), dadee, dada, baby, wow, cool, and fish :-)

One of my new favs this month is he is wrapping his arms around my neck and giving me hugs, playing with my hair with his arms around my neck, he backs up to sit in my lap, he lets me read to him more and he is climbing everything he can.
We stopped at a mall to let him get the wiggles out on the drive back and there was a kid play area. Oh.My.Gosh. He had SO much freakin' fun it's ridiculous. We were there for at least 30 mins of non stop play and he cried when we left. OK. Check it. There was a slide that the big kids were sliding down and Colton kept trying to get in front of it and climb up it.
So I got him up the stairs of the slide and didn't slide down because it was too small for the both of us and too "big" for him and I couldn't hold him on the way down because it was like a beehive shape or something. Anyway, he started to climb straight up the steps / ladder of the slide by himself. He went headfirst, butt first, upside name it and had a ball doing it!! He would laugh the whole way down and get up and do it again. Checkout the video on fb or youtube (coming soon). It's priceless.

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Rebecca said...

SO CUTE!!! We want more Colton pics!!