Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Colton at 7 months!

Someone has been pulling himself to standing postion. He wants to "cruise" so bad but just isn't ready for that. He falls when he tries to take more than one step.

He likes to be tossed in the air and play "super baby."

Just kickin' it outside with mom and dad. He loves to be outside and explore.

Mom in her new duds Dusty bought her for their anniversary. Sorry if you get blinded by my whiteness. I need a tan in a bad way...

Giving mommy a break and watching Baby Einstein. He loves those shows.

Having SO much fun!

Played till he dropped!

Having fun in the high chair with mommy!
We sometimes wrap him up like this while mommy gets breakfast ready. He is up early and watching his early morning cartoons. He loves to watch TV....

Having a fun ride on daddy's shoulders
Another night Colton wouldn't go to sleep. He was up till almost 1 am. We turned on his favorite movie, UP, and he was giggling, laughing, oohing, rolling around...everything but sleeping. He was being so cute we were having fun staying up with him and just laughing.

This is the first little thing I have with his teeth marks in it. So cute!
Colton in his 12 month clothes! Such a big boy!

This was the first time that Colton really took to crackers. I had only tried it a few times but this time he was picking it up and putting it right in his mouth. Such a pro!

Colton loves the camera and he loves to chase me when I have it. He will crawl real fast and then pull up onto his knees and reach for it--every time.

He chews and sucks on his thumb all of the time now. I think it's more of a chewing to relieve teething rather than comfort but it's darn cute when he does it.

So. As you can see Colton has been a busy little bee. He is just growing up so fast. Month by month just flies by. I only have 6 more days in Utah before we head down south for school. I just feel so many things and am excited for the adventures ahead. I get to see Angela in a few short days and I am so excited to see her and see my old KY friends and introduce them to Colton. He is such a cutie. Everywhere I go I at least have one person tell me what a doll he is and I NEVER get tired of hearing it. Colton loves people. He is so down with life. He just is so precious to me and I love him so much. Here are a few things about my handsome man in month 7:

  • he is pulling himself into standing heard me! He did this the first time the other day and now won't stop.

  • he is SUCH a FAST crawler. Colton will crawl to me and giggle and crawl real fast if I get down and tell him to come to mommy

  • he picked up brocken cracker pieces on his high chair tray and it took him two tries but now he eats them pretty good. it's so funny b/c he will put it in his mouth and then get a funny face as he chews like he forgets what he's supposed to be doing

  • he still loves to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • he is in love with Ellie from UP and Word Girl from the cartoon
  • he loves to take walks and eat grass and laughs real hard when neighbor friends throw grass in his face (seriously I have never heard him laugh so hard)

  • he is getting those fingers busy with everything. each day i give him 2 household objects to play with besides his toys and he loves to explore them, eat them and throw them 50 times

  • he had a pool party play date and got to eat his first official whole fruit popscile and loved it. he just had to get his water warmed up before he had a good time. what can i say, the boy knows what he likes.

I love Colton so much. I am thankful for every dayI am given with him and so grateful to be able to be called his mother. Mothering is hard but OH so fun and worth it. I love you, Colton.

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