Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Maddness

Colton LOVES tummy time and is getting so strong. He grabs, reaches, pushes, kicks and is rolling over a lot now. We love to have tummy time in our day!

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This is Dusty with his Ole' Miss cupcake. Dusty has got accepted to University of Mississippi for their graduate program. He got a full tuition scholarship and a teachers assistant job. He is super excited and we will find out if we are going to take it soon. He is waiting for another offer from University of Texas- Arlington. CONGRATS to Dusty!

My friend owns a cupcake shop here in Provo and I got them to do a few custom cupcakes to celebrate! This is the Ole' Miss logo. Dusty was way surprised.

Mommy and Colton snugglin'. Look at those rolls will ya! No, not mine...

I am so grateful to have borrowed that double pump but I am SO excited to get to that 1 year mark where I don't have to use it anymore! :-) It's crazy just how things just change overnight and your life starts to revolve 100% around eating/pumping and nap schedules!
Grandma and Grandpa Rhoads on their visit. He loved getting to snuggle and play with them. It's so fun for me to get to see him with family. I can't wait till I come to KY!

snoozin' in his car seat

More tummy time!! He can push up so high nowadays. He loves to look at that book.

This was the first time he wore a t-shirt and sweats. That was like his 3 outfit in 5 minutes. Poop, pee and spit all in a row as soon as he was in something clean! haha I LOVE his t-shirts, Angela!
We call him jail-bird in this get up

Dusty loves to feed Colton. Sometimes Colton will just be looking at you and when you look down at him he just smiles SO BIG. It melts your heart. He kept doing that and I am so glad I got that on camera.

Well hello, handsome! Those eyes just melt his mommy and he knows it! I love kissing his perfectly shaped head. And his hair line is just so cute....I could go on here...
You know there really isn't much else to blog about other than Colton. No one cares anyway; they just want pictures! I can't blame them. Seriously.

Colton has rolled over a ton and he's grabbing with his hands and sucking on his fist 24 / 7. Yes, I do feed him, he just loves those fists! He's more than 14 pounds and cute as EVER. He is taking naps without being swaddled but his nap schedule is all over the place. Bedtime is like 9:30 or so. Is that "normal?" He loves to laugh and be touched and talked to and tickled. Dusty and I are just in awe of his sweet nature and love fills this house!
We had a great day at Church today. He was awake for like all of Sacrament and he didn't really make a peep. He HATES using the mother's lounge. I think cause the chairs are on the small side and he just can't get comfy. So I brought a bottle today and he did fine.

We took a walk today on a gorgeous spring day! We went to the temple grounds. I am going to miss being able to do that when we move. I don't think we'll ever have a temple so close again.

Enjoy the pictures of the most handsomest fellow there is!


Angela said...

When our kids were little their bedtime was around our bedtime so we could sleep as long as possible. So 9:30 could work. I love that baby's round face. What a stud! And what a great offer from Ole' Miss!!!!! I'll still hold out for Arlington though...Just cause I'm selfish!

Marianne & Clayton said...

E used to go to bed around 10:30 most nights. I think anything is normal as long as it works for you. He is such a handsome little man! He has grown so much. I love the chub on their little legs. Chubby baby means you are doing a great job. And congratulations on the offers for Dusty, that is so exciting!

DrJudd said...

Awesome news about Ole' Miss! I'm really happy for you guys. Our kids went to bed earlier, but whatever works.

Rebecca said...

OOOHHH! MY!!!! GOODNESS!!!! That is the cutest, most gorgeous little boy I've ever seen!!!!! I can't believe how big he is getting! His eyes! He is quite the charmer! LOVE him - wish to see him soon - gotta make sure he knows who his favorite aunt is (hint - me! ;)

Robert and Heather in Hawaii said...

Congratulations to Dusty!! That's awesome and a once in a lifetime chance to have free tuition!!! We're excited for you guys... wherever your road may lead.

Anonymous said...

He is the sweetest little thing. I love his smiles!!!! I love those chubby arms and legs!!! I can't WAIT to meet him!!!! I love you and miss you a bunch.

Aunt Lissa

Anonymous said...

He looks like he is just loving life! It brings back a lot of memories.