Saturday, March 06, 2010

Colton: 3 Months

This is the pose he gets into when we wash his backside during bath time. He loves it! He sticks his little tush out all of time.

He's starting to really puff that bottom lip out when he cries and tears are coming too. SO SAD :-(

Daddy and Colton for some reading time. He loves to look at the pictures and colors.

Doing some tummy time on a beautiful blanket that Aunt Becky made for him. He is doing great with tummy time and head control and strength.

One of his MANY smiley moments with mom and dad. He responds so well to being talked to, touched and loves to be engaged in conversation.

Colton is such a happy baby.

Here he is with his Valentines present, Mr. Froggy balloon. He loves to watch it move and kick the string to make him bounce.

I know I am a few days early but I actually have time to blog right now, so there ya go! I can't believe that I am writing a 3 month post already. I remember amid a lot of tears in the early stages that 3 months would NEVER come, that he would NEVER sleep longer and that colic would NEVER go away. Boy was I a rookie. :-) Things are still hard but it feels more and more like he's always been with us. I love Colton so much and am just amazed at him and his determined, social, sweet and loving spirit. Oh, he just melts my heart all of the time. When he gets up at 6 am and I stumble over to him to pick him up and feed him and all I can think about is the sleep I am loosing, I bend down and say good morning to him and his face lights up with the biggest most adorable toothless grin and then I just don't care!

Here are a few updates of what's been going on with us all:
  • Colton is still the cutest thing ever
  • He is starting to mimic sounds we are making
  • Colton studies your face and tries so hard to copy your motions and facial expressions
  • He sucks on his little fist 24/7
  • He has so much more body coordination
  • He loves, loves, loves to watch TV...he'll watch an entire Baby Einsteins video and fuss if I turn it off too early
  • Either going to sleep or just waking up, Colton will reach his arms up really high and kick his legs out straight and toot every time
  • Colton loves to be in his activity gym now to grab at and kick all of the toys
  • Colton is sleeping for like 5 hours at a stretch now on most nights! He just dropped his midnight feeding on his own. Can I get a whoot whoot?!?!
  • He still loves to be swaddled but is getting too big for his swaddling blankets
  • His face lights up when you start to talk to him
  • Colton will follow you across the room when you walk
  • He still hates his car seat but is getting better and easier to travel with. Yesterday we went to a movie and later out to eat and he did great. He was just soaking everything in.
  • Colton is now wearing just a few of his 0-3 month clothes and is now graduating into 3-6 months today.
  • Amy is doing pretty good with her workout routines
  • Dusty and Amy started the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class
  • I don't think I ever blogged this but DUSTY HAS GRADUATED FROM BYU!
  • Amy got laid off from work and we are both looking for jobs
And on that note, I can't think of what else is going on... :-) We have had another FUN month with lots of love in our home and smiles of joy with our sweet little one.


Angela said...

Would you believe we swaddled til past a year sometimes? Our kids loved it. You get a 45 inch square piece of fabric, hem edges and use that for the swaddling. Good stuff!

Sherry said...

I'm sorry you got laid off. :( Boo. Colton is ridiculously cute. Good luck finding new work!

Anonymous said...

He is growing so fast and he is just the cutest little guy. I wish we were closer so I could hold him and kiss him and talk to him. Love you and miss you bunches.