Sunday, October 04, 2009

Trip Home

It's always so refreshing to be able to go home for a visit, no matter the occasion. This time it really flew by while I was there. My mother is as loving and funny and comforting and FUN as usual. My dad is, well..., dad :-) Charla and Mike are as cute and funny as ever. I love getting to see them as parents with those FUNNY boys. I got some quality time with my brother Jason eating breakfast at the Cheesecake Factory....and yes we only ordered cheesecake! I got to spend some special time with my sister during a very important time in her life. My little nephews don't seem so little anymore. And our family is ever-expanding.

I think I love going home so much because there is laughter everywhere. I love each person's sense of humor. Being around family reminds you of what is important in life. I never have anything pressing that I want to do when I go home because being with them is enough. I feel so blessed to be apart of our awesome family :-) Here are a few pics of the trip. I didn't take nearly as many pics as I usually do...These were two men on a water-break mission. They told the parents to have the kids take a water break and after Evan remembered we were there, it was all over. He was doing good till he remembered we were there.

I don't know how or why it started but every single person in my family "likes" to be / get scared. "Uncle" Mike and "Uncle" Jason are the best at it. All of the kids love it and it's like a contest to top the best scare every time. It's made for some funny stories though :-) My mother is one of the worst... Here is Mike scaring the heck out of Blake and Evan. Sorry I cut off your head, Mike, but it would have been WAY scarier with it in the shot.

Here is the pro's action shot. I loved getting to go to one of his little soccer games. I only wish I could see all of my nephews and niece LIVE in action!

This was taken during clean up of the baby shower. Melissa, Charla and mom did a great job and we all had a lot of fun. I think we were all exhausted at that point!

This was a shot of Eli that I had to grab. That little man is ALWAYS on the go. He doesn't stop for a minute. He has his mind made up and that is that; get out of his way :-) Those balloons kept all three kids going and going and without (hardly) any fighting. :-)

This is my brother, Jason. He was gone a lot of the time I was there but I managed to get to hang with him a lot while he was home. I love kickin' it with him.

I can't remember what face Evan calls this but for some reason I think it looks a lot like Mike when he was little.

More pictures to come...

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