Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Week 25

I don't really have many photos of myself for this week. I was the one taking pictures mostly. This is right outside of Magic Kingdom. We walked miles and miles everyday and I didn't even mind. Dusty and I said we were both on Mickey Crack! It's true. We were nonstop the WHOLE time but it was so much fun!

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Sherry said...

I went to Disney World when I was 16, and even then I couldn't wait to go back one day with my future husband. I haven't been back. Nor have I been to Disney Land. Eric went to Disney Land a few weeks ago, but it was for work, and he just hung out with mentally handicapped people the whole time. He said it would have been a lot more fun with me. One of these days we will go to one of the two parks. I'll just have to get pregnant so we can have a babymoon!