Monday, September 07, 2009

conversation with five 6-year-olds in primary

Are you getting a baby?

Yes! I am. Isn't that exciting? (10 little hands proceed to rub my belly during the "reverence message")

Is it a boy or a girl?

A Boy!


It looks like a girl.

But, you can't see him.

He's wearing pink.

Well, I am wearing pink, but he isn't. He's inside my belly.

Well, I'm getting a baby too.

You are? Well, one day you will and you will be a great mommy.

Yep. and it's gonna be a girl THEN a boy.

(...touching my belly she asks) Why is it so hard?

(...before I have time to answer another little girl answers) Well, I think it's soft.

....Class continues as they rub and poke my belly. Not one of them would stay in their seats. Good times :-)

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Anonymous said...

that is awesome. That reminds me when I was a Bishop and the Primary Pres. would have me come in once a month for "A MOMENT WITH THE BISHOP". One day in the summer, some kid asked about Christmas lights when I was talking about prayers or something. No matter what I asked or talked about after that, every kid made a comment about Christmas. It was awesome.