Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday Gratitude

Today I am grateful for people who reach beyond what others would consider limitations. We had an amazing blind piano player in Sacrament today and it touched me so deeply. Not only the song and the Spirit that it brought but what it meant for the piano player to accomplish such a task and what it meant for his challenges and triumphs in his life. I learned a great lesson today and I am grateful for that.

I am also grateful to have no-pressure relationships in my life. I LOVE the kinds of friends where I can actually be myself. I love the kinds of friends where you can talk about whatever is on your mind and not be judged. I am thankful for laughter and wholesome fun. I am thankful for listening ears and empathetic hearts. I am grateful for the strong women in my life who teach me everyday. (just in case you didn't know if you are a woman and you are reading this blog, that probably means you!) I have been blessed with many people in my life where I can just be myself. They are spread out all over the country (and in other countries) and I know they are just a call, chat, blog away :-)

I am thankful for the great power and testimony that can come from honoring the Sabbath. I am thankful that even though nowhere around me had a hymn book on Sunday and I forgot my own hymnal that I knew the words to all the songs in Sacrament on Sunday. To me that was a real blessing. I LOVE to sing the hymns and I felt an extra need to sing on Sunday and was able to do it with ease.

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Mauricio and Tiffany said...

Hey! We said on Sunday that we were going to swap blog addresses and we forgot. I remembered that today and was able to find yours! I don't know if you got my phone message or not, but my friends and I are going to Twilight at 12 on Friday. I would love it if you could come with us, so let me know.