Monday, November 17, 2008

I've got some catching up to do...

OK I am behind on posting my "gratefuls" but I will give you the short version so you all aren't bored to death with reading a 25 paragraph post.....

10th - I am grateful for opportunities that surround us all the time. Sometimes it takes a little nudging from the Spirit to recognize them. Sometimes as we work really hard we finally see them. And sometimes, you see them all along. How great is it to know that you can "be-do-have" anything you want!

11th - I am grateful for such a wonderful family. I absolutely LOVE my siblings and parents and we are so close. I couldn't imagine life without them.

12th - the Internet. 'nough said :-)

13th - I can't remember if I said this or not but, whatever. I really am grateful for people who work hard at sharing their talents. There are so many wonderful programs out there from people to have followed their mission and passion and touch people's lives everyday.

14th - I am so thankful for long distance friends. :-) They don't seem so long distance when I can look at their blogs, call, chat, email etc. I love it!

15th - I love it that Dusty just chips in and helps when I need him to and even just because he wants to. He is so great about that. He never complains and really wants to share the load that's on my shoulders. There is nothing more sexy than your husband with an apron on or a vacuum in his hand. Yeah Baby!! haha Just kidding........kind of :-)

16th - Friends who feel comfortable enough to touch my husbands underwear, discuss it and then request that I go get mine so we can discuss that too. Priceless know who you are ;-)

17th - Pictures. I love having pictures that will tell stories and help you treasure memories for years to come!

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Marcie said...

When I told Trent about the underwear experience I said "I just need to think of the Rhoads as inlaws -- because then it isn't as weird to be touching their underwear" we both laughed about that one.