Thursday, October 09, 2008

Best Way to Donate?

Below are some links and resources for you to read and really try to understand the implications of Proposition8 and the ramifications of same-gender marriages. I still try to understand how and why our world has gotten so backwards. But the time was told when good will be called evil and evil be called good. Even though it is hard for me to understand I do realize that it is my duty as a "mother" and family member to stand for truth and fight for righteousness and freedom.

I truly believe that we have been held back to come forth in a time where our strength as Children of God would be tested beyond comprehension and our faith tested to the very end. If we stay silent and ignorant we forfeit not only blessings that come to the faithful and righteous but we forfeit the opportunity that could have come to us if we would but stand for something! When you are involved in a purpose greater than your own you grow and mature spiritually in indescribable ways . God is on our side. In the end Truth will prevail but it is our chance now to show our faith and strength and protect the family, protect the innocence of our children and fight for Truth.

Below are some resource links and one video (thanks, Heather and Robert). There are also many ways to volunteer. Join Facebook groups like "Protect California Marriage". Commit to being a volunteer through organizations like, your Church, community etc. Seek out ways to be involved, there are many!

I have one question for you. We have been asked to impart of our means and time in any way that we can give to help protect the family and fight against Prop8. If we were to donate on our tithing slips, which would be the category that you would donate to? Or is there another way that is better? I challenge all of us to donate our funds and time to fight this battle. It's only the beginning. Now is the time to commit to stand for something and have your actions back up your words.

What are some other ways that that you have found we can fight in the battle?


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Robert and Heather in Hawaii said...

You put this into words better than I could. Thanks for the reminder of evil good and good evil. That reminds me that the Lord knew this was going to happen and that He's in charge.