Friday, September 26, 2008


So I used to hate being tagged to do things but I don't know what has happened but I don't mind anymore. So, below is in response to being tagged by Marcie.

I am: cold
I think: about fitness a lot. To bad thinking about it just doesn't take care of it :-)
I know: everything will work out ok
I want: to learn how to use my new camera
I have: big dreams
I dislike: having to check the pockets of cargo pants that have 50,000 pockets before doing laundry….did I mention Dusty has a lot of cargo pants? Dang Nature Boy! ha ha
I miss: being around family and ALL my nieces and nephews
I fear: I will fall short of reaching some of my goals
I feel: like I am moving onwards and upwards
I hear: the crunching of ice. I HATE hearing that all day……
I smell: some yummy black raspberry vanilla oil spray
I crave: some white bean pasta soup and cornbread!
I cry: when I actually let myself feel my emotions
I usually: use humor to lighten things up
I search: ponder and pray
I wonder: what my life and family will be like.
I regret: not going after what I really want a little sooner
I love: fall weather
I care: about creating healthy habits
I always: have a to-do list. Seriously. Everyday. Ask Anyone.
I worry: all the time……
I am not: a quitter
I remember: having a WONDERFUL childhood full of family and laughs and smiles
I believe: that all things will work for our good
I dance: all of the time
I sing: to my husband
I dream: BIG
I argue: only if I feel REALLY strongly about something
I write: to understand what I really feel
I win: when I play Dusty in Uno and checkers! HA HA HA
I lose: at the stupid shocker game
I wish: I knew how many kids I will have and where we will end up living and and and and and ……..
I listen: to my instincts (and the Spirit)
I don't understand: why I can’t find a brand of jeans that I am in love with or even remotely like
I can usually be found: with a to-do list in my hand!!
I am scared: going hiking with Dusty and finding cougars or rattlesnakes or anacondas or whatever and he goes to play with it. (just kidding, but I am scared of hiking sometimes)
I need: to date my husband a lot!
I forget: things that happened like yesterday but I have great long term memory. So if you need to ask me something that happened yesterday, just ask me in a month or so
I am happy: because I know I am a Child of God

I tag: Melissa, Chauntel, Charla

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