Friday, September 26, 2008

Question of the century

OK. To all the girls out there, I want to hear from you. When I was doing that tagged thing I made a comment about not having a brand of jeans that I like. PLEASE tell me if you have found some jeans that you like. I used to be in love with Gap jeans but now I can't find any that I like. They discontinued the ones that I loved. Go figure. They discontinued my favorite bra too. The last one I had was cut off of me in my car accident in 2001. It was beyond repair. I saved it for weeks trying to fix it and I just couldn't because of how they cut it.

So, back to jeans:

Do you have any tips for jeans shopping?
What brands do you like?
What brands do you hate?

You are required to leave a comment :-)


Sherry said...

Jeans are pretty much just jeans to me. I have a pair of L.E.I. that I quite like.

I also have a pair of Mossimo that are really great. Actually, my sis-in-law bought that pair for $3, and then brought them home but felt like they were not quite right, so she gave them to me because I'm ever-so-slightly skinnier than she is. And they are perfect for me.

The thing is, I really don't listen to what other people say about jeans because my hips and my thighs and my legs are MINE and everyone else's proportions are different than mine. So, good luck in your quest!

Angela said...

Required? Should I post the picture of "funny bum amy" since I have to comment?

Yeah I used to love old navy but their jeans are weird now. I am kinda liking NY and Co.

Anonymous said...

This would be a good question for Mike.

rana said...

okay i will post but it won't the ones i seem to wear were ordered from hanes, online and i think sean ordered them...he did good as each style fit well...jeans good luck just go around and keep putting that but in differnt styles...sorry i have a muffin top that isn't atractive withany style lately...

Melissa said...

I think that you just have to try on like a million pair of jeans before you find one you like. You don't like any of the jeans from Vickie? I thought for sure there would be a good pair. I have found with me, if I don't feel good about myself physically, then I hate all jeans on me & vice versa. I actually found some at Cato's. Lee has some jeans at Kohl's that are called Lee One True Fit that are good. You can usually find them for about $20 on sale. Good luck!!!

Love HUH

Marcie said...

Hey AMy, so what is the protocol for responding to a comment someone left on your blog? Are you supposed to comment back on your own blog, or are you supposed to e-mail the person or comment on their blog? Really, I have no clue. In response to your comment on my blog, I would love to share my elements actions with you! They are kinda hard to find (good ones at least) for elements! So you are working in Elements right? Or did I misunderstand your comment... oh dear, now you have to figure out how to reply to me...
Btw, I am LOVING L.E.I jeans right now. They are so stretchy and comfy. I bought mine for $10 at Ross. Yeah baby.

Chauntel said...

kohl's now carries sevens which I heard are awesome. I love my pre naked ad abercrombie and fitch. Now I won't even step in the place. I've never tried american eagle but Jeremy wears their pants. I like aeropastal and their prices aren't bad. I need a good pair of jeans right now. I've gained 5 pound which I didn't think sounded like a lot until I tried on my jeans and now their way to tight to go out in public in.
love ya