Thursday, June 05, 2008

Back from Canada / My Trip of "Firsts"

So I am back from another trip. This time it was from Canada and New York. I flew into New York and then drove into Ontario, Canada. All the while forgetting my passport and answering a question wrong at boarder patrol. I don't recommend doing that. It makes you really nervous even though you are completely legal and it ticks the people off behind you.

This was a trip of "firsts" in several ways.

  • New York
  • I have always wanted to go to New York but not necessarily NYC. This was perfect for me. I flew into Buffalo and saw some beautiful parts of New York during my drive.
  • Niagara Falls
  • I have always wanted to see Niagara Falls and I drove right through on my way to Canada so of course I stopped off for a few hours to see it. There are several pictures forthcoming. It was a beautiful area. The falls were amazing and the falls at night are spectacular.
  • cross Canadian border
  • I just thought this would be cool to do. It was cool going into Canada but not so much going back when I answered a wrong question :-)
  • go to Canada
  • I just wanted to add that I feel like such a big girl now that I have driven in New York and to Canada and back all by myself! I think dad might have another heart attack!
  • ate a cold meat wrap
  • OK. This one is really weird but I have never eaten a wrap with cold meat in it and I finally did and it wasn't so bad. I still prefer it to have hot meat in it. (and NO deli meat)
  • Air Force One
  • When I was sitting on the airport runway for over an hour waiting for our plane to get fixed at least I got a consolation prize...I got to see Air Force One right next to us! Then when we were ready to take off we had to wait for the Air Force One helicopters to take off.....and that made me miss my connecting flight, but hey that was kind of cool.
  • sleep number bed
    • Dusty and I always talk about wanting to get one and I have to admit they are amazing. When I first got in the bed it was really firm and I held down the button to make them softer and it felt so nice. My sleep number is 20 think. I played around with it for a while and I think that is where I did best. It was so nice.
    • First time I ever got an answer like this:
    (You need to know this was the dumpiest hotel I have ever been it. It was dirty, scary and just awful)
      • Amy: "Do you have a non-smoking room I can be moved in to?"
      • Clerk: "Well you don't have to smoke."
      • Amy: "I understand that. I just wanted a room that doesn't have the aroma of smoke. It is making me sick."
      • Clerk: "I don't think we got any of those."
    Sure enough, the sign outside just said "Smoking Rooms"!!!!!! I have never heard of that! Needless to say I switched hotels and that's how I got into the Radission with the nice sleep number beds.


    melissa said...

    That is soooo funny about the room. what a weird place with only smoking rooms. Sooo, are you not going to say what question you answered wrong at the border??? You made me curious because you mentioned it twice but didn't say what...

    Love huh

    Amy Sue said...

    It was a mess. He asked what brought me to Canada and then I said I was going to a conference in Ohio and he was like "you mean you live in Ohio" and I said Yeah. And then I was like "wait I am going to Ontario. I live in Utah." And he said "what is Ohio doing in the picture" and I said "nothing, it's just that OGS stands for both Ohio Genealogical Society and Ontario Genealogical Society and I just got confused." And then he said "Oh so you got confused that you were in Canada, not Ohio." THEN he asked me 20 more questions and double checked me on everything. By that time I was so nervous I was tripping up everything. REAAALLLY Fun!