Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Secret Twilight Club Post

OK. I won't say much on here because I know that some of you that read this haven't read or don't want to read the Twilight book series so I won't go into detail to give spoilers away. If you want I will have individual conversations with those wanting to discuss. And yes, Melissa, I have finished the books so now you can continue spoiling it for me. (BTW the more I read, the more I was bummed that you told me...........just wait until I find out what book you are reading. I am going to look it up on the Internet and text, email, call and blog and tell you chapter by chapter what happens...muahhh ha ha)

However, I will say this:
  • If humans were as stubborn, (at times) stupid and just down right indecisive as Bella I would gladly give my soul to the vampire race or at least the Cullens....*****I need to clarify that I actaully really like Bella, a lot! I just needed to vent after I read a certain section.....****
  • If all wolves were as annoying as Jacob, I would gladly take up hunting.
  • If all humans were as amazing as Edward, there would be nothing but love and happiness in this world and women would be royally treated as they should be. Humans should take a page out of the Cullen's book.
I have loved reading these books but glad they are over (for now) in a sense. For starters, I can get back to my life!! I have been so engrossed in these books it's crazy. Also, maybe I can stop having these dreams with vampires and werewolves in them. It's funny cause I actually have two really long scratches on my forearm that look like the claw of a werewolf and two marks on my neck like vampires!! Seriously, I have had vampire dreams for a week at least.


Angela said...

I am high on pain killers and can't think too hard but....

This summer the first two books were SHOVED into my hands and I was told to take them home and read them. I'd never heard of htem before. And three weeks later after I'd gotten and finished harry potter, I read them. I read the first two in three days. Yep. Then a month later I read eclipse in less than 24 hours.

I was a woman obsessed. But really I don't think bella was all that bad. I think we all go through phases and difficult times like that. They are just different for each of us.

But yes, they are AMAZING books.

Amy Sue said...

I actually really like Bella, but it frustrates the heck out of me the way she can't see what is in front of her face. I actually REALLY like Bella....I think she is a really human character (no pun intended). She would do probably what we would do in our own situations.

Anonymous said...

AHHH Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! TWILIGHT!!!!!! I am obsessed!
I can not wait until the fall for Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun.
Amy, I happen to be your, MAMA! :)(Vist Twilight Lexicon, I told you that I was obsessed.)

Anonymous said...

I just got done reading Hansel and Gretel. I woke up and Charla had shoved me in the oven, JUST LIKE IN THE BOOK! Isn't that nuts.

Amy, YOU ARE NUTS. Mom, you too. I understand loving something, but let's not obsess about about big dogs that bite and guys and girls that are a millions years old biting people on the neck.

Amy, if you want to become one I will talk to Shawn at work and see what you guys can get done. SOUL TO THE VAMPIRE COMMUNITY????That is weird.

Your loving brother


Lissa said...

I'm with you, obsessed is the word. I also read Eclipse within 24 hours! I love Edward! I love Bella too and did get tired of her wishy-washy ways in the third book. But I wasn't as upset about it as you got. Oh and by the way WHATEVER. You obviously still liked the books so bite me. It could be worse, you could have read them out of order like someone I know (Chauntel). HA That would have been really confusing, you missed the entire werewolf part! :-) Mom is officially obsessed. But then again, so am I so what can I say. School has started back again for me, so I am glad that I got all three read!


Anonymous said...

Why don't we all just calm down. Be quiet for a moment can almost hear the music play... its "Scherizino Mejicano" by Charla Logsdon with the Flamenco Guitar. AHHHHH!!!