Friday, June 29, 2007

Some more DC, Nauvoo Pics

My picture of the Vietnam Memorial.

This is a spot Susan took us to that not too many people know about. This is the grave site of many early saints whose graves Susan discovered in the 70's (I think) and she figured out their temple work had not been done and researched every grave site and did their temple work. This is also the spot where President Hinckley comes to see every time he visits Nauvoo. You have to drive a little ways out and then walk in the woods to get to it. It was very peaceful there and a neat place to experience.

Probably one of my favorite places in Nauvoo is the Woman's Garden. It is just so full of power and inspiration of what it means to be a daughter of God and a realization of how much loving power and influence women have in their homes, community and world. The garden has 30 statues of women and it represents the eternal circle of womanhood and all the phases of it. I am going to post more on this later because it is so beautiful and it meant a lot to me.

This was a play that the missionaries put on in Nauvoo called Rendezvous in Nauvoo. It was SO cute. That was the first thing we did in Nauvoo. These missionaries sing and act and tell the powerful stories of the early Saints. The play was too cute and had a spiritual message that I will never forget.

Here is a little camera trickery with the Washington Monument.
It looks like I am leaning against it. :)

Here is the Nauvoo temple from the view of the visitor's center. It is amazing how the whole town revolves around the temple. I love it! I can't imagine what it was like to just have the markings of the old temple there. It was a beautiful temple inside and out. Absolutely gorgeous.

My first time at the White House. We were there when Tony Blair was there for his last little shin dig with the President as Prime Minister. They had secret service and security everywhere. They were having a party on the lawn on the side. It was pretty cool.

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