Saturday, May 05, 2007

Kickin Trash and Takin' Names

So I had only played checkers once and the person kicked my trash and I didn't understand the game so I didn't play for years. The other day Dusty and I got out his game I bought him and he was teaching me how to play as we went. I BEAT HIM 5 TIMES IN A ROW!! Not only beat him, but STOMPED him! I had to take a picture and post a victory blog!

p.s. I am silver.... :)


Angela Stone said...

You rock! That is awesome! I too take pictures with a stomping that big!

Anonymous said...

That was nice of Dusty to let you win so many games. Husbands are just that way you know. Take me for instance. I get my joy from watching others think they have won, but deep inside I know the truth......