Sunday, May 13, 2007

I Heart T J

OK. As some of you may know. I do Turbo Jam all of the time. It all started last year while vacationing at my Momma's house and I saw this infomercial (sp?) and I fell in LOVE with this workout. It started with 5 workouts on one DVD and then Dusty just surprised me with 8 more the other day!! I seriously have always wanted to continue to teach dance as well as also become an aerobics instructor. Well, come to find out you can get certified in teaching Turbo Kick which is the same as Turbo Jam. So, Dusty wanted to get me some more videos so I can practice!!

That was so thoughtful of him and I LOVE THEM!!!! I do them all of the time. Melissa and mom...I am going to bring them with me the next time I come home. I think there are 2 more DVDs I don't have that are next on my list! After that I will be good...for a while. :) They really are butt-kickin' DVDs and I love it.

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Anonymous said...

You have always been my little turbo jam. You can teach anything to anybody, Plus keep yourself in great shape.

I'm glad I was the inspiration for you to NOT get soft and spongy like me. Bummer...