Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A powerful analogy on the subject of thoughts!

A little over a year ago I heard an analogy that has given me a lot of mileage in my practice about the power of our thoughts. The analogy is from Wayne Dyer.

Think of your thoughts as a form of mental currency. Imagine that I give you a million dollars (you like this game already), and you take this bushel of money down to the mall. You can buy anything you want with this money. You go into the first store where they are selling plastic trees. These are not the nice attractive trees you might want for your home or office, but absolutely hideous, ugly, gross things. You look at an ugly orange one and think to yourself, "I hate this thing! Who would EVER want this thing in their house?!!" Then you look at the price tag and it says $30,000. You ask yourself, "Where do they get off charging thirty thousand dollars for this piece of junk?!" So you grab the stupid thing, drag it up to the front, plunk down your thirty grand and say, "I hate this thing! Send it to my place."

The next store is selling pots (probably for the plastic trees), and they are just as disgusting as the trees. Again you find a particularly yucky one and see that they are charging $10,000 for it. "WHAT? Ten grand for this?!? I hate this thing and would never want it in my home! - Here's your ten thousand, send it to my place!"

You would never do this, right? You would only spend your money on things you WANT. But how are you spending your thoughts? Take an accounting and ask yourself how much you are spending on things you DON'T want. Your thoughts are the currency with which you buy your life, and whatever you buy with this mental currency will follow you home and fill up your place.

Spend your thoughts wisely!

Paul H. Jenkins, Ph.D.
from M-Power Emailing List

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