Friday, February 23, 2007

Oh Yeah! Crafty Divas Comin' Through!

OK so my friend Laura's baby shower is tomorrow and my neighbor Marcie (which is Laura's sis-in-law) and I wanted to make this for her. It is a diaper cake made completely out of diapers and a diaper wreath (Marcie made that one) that is made out of diapers too.

We saw these at a craft store once and were completely intimidated on making them but wanted to anyway. Well, we tried it and it was super easy! It took about 1.5 hours or a little more. We think it turned out GREAT!! (The lighting in the pictures is bad...sorry about that....) There is so many themes you can do with these cakes and wreaths.

If you want me to write out specific directions let me know and I will do my best to do it! Or better yet, just fly me out to where you are I we can do it together ;)


cbhoff said...

I love that cake!!! It is so cute yet beautiful. I love it. Just so you know I am going to copy you next time I go to a baby shower.

p.s. this is Angela's sis.

Angela Stone said...

Yeah I was telling Reed about it and when Ty heard your name he said "Amy Rhoads funny bum!" I love my kid. He totally remembers you. Anyway I want instructions. Also, I've seen the cakes and can't believe they sell for $100. But I've not seen the wreaths.

Lissa said...

It is sooooooo cute!!! You'll have to send me instructions on how to do it. The very next baby shower I go to, I'm going to make one. I absolutely love them both! I love the little stuffed animal on the top of the cake and I love the colors you all used. It was a pretty shade of pink.