Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Every Little Bit Counts

One of the things that bothers me (of many) about myself is that I don't speak up about the Gospel enough. This morning I read a genealogy blog post that had a lot of questions about baptisms for the dead etc. I thought about it and then I posted a comment thinking that no one would even care or read it.

Not even 5 minutes later I had two direct emails one thanking me for my clear and easy to understand response and also thanking me for not bickering about theology. And I received another email with more questions. I am not sure exactly what she is trying to ask now but I will find out for her very soon.

Anyway, it was a good feeling and it literally took 30 seconds to do. I just wanted to blog about even the smallest things count and can make a big difference. It may not be a big difference for those people but it has given me more faith and strengthened my testimony of just opening your mouth (or keyboard) and doing something about it. :)

Here is my response if you want to read it. Dusty liked my analogy and it may help you when you talk to your children or friends. My only reason in posting this was to help give another in sight of how to talk to people about baptism for the dead.

Jennifer, you are correct. I am a Mormon and by doing baptisms for the dead you are giving that person the opportunity to accept the work that was done for them or they can reject it. We believe that you have your agency before during and after this life. There are many people who never had the chance to hear the Gospel while on this earth, so we are extending that opportunity to them. And yes, "Rest in Peace" (<>

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