Sunday, April 08, 2012

November, December 2011

These two months were filled with family, travels, fun and birthdays! Sorry for the lack of updates but many changes have been going on...more updates soon!


He pulled chairs up on the couch   


my bed is one of his favorite places to be

he rolled up the truck for his drink holder for his show

loves his Aunt Lissa

What happens at Grammy's ...

you boys love playing together

Mike just hit Nate with a roll up-side the head lol

...Dad was next

The kids LOVE Uncle Jay. Any guess why?

Happy 2nd Birthday, Colton!!

The shirts weren't planned but so darn cute!

Look at that concentration face  haha

it's not a birthday party without a picture of Aunt Linda on the sidelines 

Colton found his baby swing and wanted to take it for a spin

Colton picks out a movie, drags out the boxes...

...lines them up then chooses the first one he picked in the first place

The face you make when your kid tries to grab a flame

Berkley and Colton's last playdate 

movie watchin

Texas Christmas light lookin

The way the Rhoads do Christmas dinner

Grandma Rhoads 2011

Not even all of the stockings are up

LOVES his bumper car

Rhoads, Christmas 2011

Rainforest, Galveston, TX

Yeah, it's my kid when you see him running around the place saying, "where are those kids parents?"

Oh yes he did!

Ready to take the world head on!

Texas City, December 2011

poor thing was so sick he made it up one step and fell asleep!

such a busted picture but I LOVE

Grammy's November, 2011


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