Saturday, February 06, 2010

Hanging with our little man!

When Colton is really drowsy he loves to be put in his swing and USUALLY he will fall asleep!

Giving a crazy smile to mommy

Just beautiful :-)

Look at that junk in the trunk!

Kickin' it with dad

Snug as a bug

All I can says is that we are novice parents! HA He soaked us both in a matter of just 2 minutes!!
He likes his hands warm. Thanks Aunt Lissa.

Being this cute seriously has to be tiring...

Talking and smiling with mom and dad

Fat 'n happy

Well, Hello!

Look at that handsome face!

Now check out those eyes and lips!

Gettin' dressed up so mommy can go show me off to her friends. :-)

This was after a night where he was up kind of a lot and fussy and him and I were both tuckered out. Why doesn't he just sleep like that in the first place?!

Wow. Look at Chubs! As of February 3rd Colton was 11 lbs 7 oz! I guess he has a milk complex like his dad.

Those pretty blues melt my heart when he flashes them my way.

Colton in his favorite spot waiting for his Auntie...


Anonymous said...

He is really growing! I love the pictures. I cannot believe that he already weighs 11 pounds and 7 ounces. When you are so far away, these posts are priceless. Love, Grammy

Angela said...

He's darling!

Mauricio and Tiffany said...

What a cutie and a chunk! I love all the pictures!