Thursday, April 17, 2008

The books are here! The books are here!

Well I want to make the announcement that Dusty and I are the proud "parents" of The Complete Suboc and our happy day has finally arrived!!! It was SO AWESOME to be there with Dusty as he opened his box of books. We had such a fun time celebrating and were just generally in shock that the books were here.

Here are some photos of the momentous occasion. It was like National Big Truck Day on our street. That morning there were tons of big trucks that sounded like delivery trucks and we would both rush to see if if was the FedEx truck. At 10 am they arrived and as soon as Dusty saw the truck he opened the door was was telling me to hurry and go get a knife. I was having such a good time taking pictures and watching him that I didn't go and get it and he just kept smiling and was just in his own little world. It was so cute. It was like Christmas morning for him and we were just having a blast.

Congratulations to Dusty!! The book has exceeded our expectations and is such great quality. Everyone who has seen it has commented on the quality and overall presence of it. We even saw it for sale on Amazon through a seller so pretty soon we will be selling it there as well.

Enjoy the pictures of the momentous occasion and thanks to all of you for your love, support and encouragement to help get this accomplished.It has meant a lot to Dusty and I through the whole process. We love you guys and are glad we could share this with you all.

.....I posted just a few of all the pics I took!.......


Anonymous said...

congrats to you both. Dusty you look like a kid waking up to christmas morning. That is so awesome that you published a book.
Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Even though you didn't ask me to write the forward in it, I still think it's pretty cool. Michael and I were wondering between the two of us who you would ask; he thought it was going to be him because he worked in the game room at Gatti's for a while, and I thought it would be me because a lot of people think that I look like this one guy on Animal Planet.

Amy Sue said...

Hey Charla. When I get back to KY on Saturday or Sunday I will bring one over for you guys to see!

Dusty Rhoads said...

Thanks, Charla. I've never felt more like a kid on Christmas morning than I did last Monday. I'm sure that FedEx guy had never seen a guy so excited to get a package. Haha!

Sorry about the foreword...LOL. I didn't want to hurt either of your feelings, so I eventually asked this snake guy to do it. Haha! Funny post, man.

Logsdons rock.


Chauntel said...

I'm so happy for you all. Congratulations! We tell everyone we know how cool we are because our bro. in law wrote a book:) I love you guys and I hope you sell mucho libros.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Chauntel!

Next time you get pulled over for speeding...just tell the policeman your brother-in-law is me...he'll let you go. haha! Just kiddin'